About Me

Ciao! I’m Scarlett. I live with my husband in a little apartment by the ocean in Italy. My mom took me to St. Croix when I was 18 months old and you could say I’ve been in love with traveling ever since. From studying abroad in college to an overseas internship, I’ve lived in three different countries and traveled to over 30.

I can never turn down a scoop of gelato or a cup of coffee… Same for sangria.  I’ve never been a morning person and to be fair, I can be rather sarcastic all day long. I spend a good part of the day internally debating if I should go to yoga or get an aperitivo after work. I’d always rather be wearing denim, if I’m not already.


I adore my dog, Alfie. I got her as a senior rescue and I swear she loves more to make up for lost time. How many dogs were bought from a shelter in Reno for $25 and now get to travel around Europe?


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