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2016 Travel Memories

This past year has been full of big changes and new travel memories.  We moved to Italy and found an apartment with the most beautiful view of Capri. I sold my car in California and bought a used Fiat. I…

Prague Christmas Market
Czech Republic, Destinations

Prague Christmas Market

There’s something about Christmas markets in Europe. I can’t quite capture the magic in photos. It’s a feeling. The feeling of Christmas and joy all around…  Or could that just be the mulled wine? The truth is I can be…

Munich Christmas Market. Marienplatz.
Destinations, Germany

Munich Christmas Market

Christmas markets ride into Munich in late November and bring a little more cheer to a city that can sometimes seem slightly grey and industrial. We spent three days strolling from one spot to the other. All over the city you’ll…

Viktualienmarkt. Victuals Market, Munich
Destinations, Germany

Viktualienmarkt, Munich

After arriving in Munich the night before, we woke up and headed out to Viktualienmarkt (Victuals Market) near Marienplatz. We didn't have the easiest arrival the night before as our hotel was CLOSED when we arrived... and it wasn't even…

what your flight attendant is really thinking

What Your Flight Attendant is Really Thinking

Have you ever wondered what your flight attendant is really thinking?  They can't possibly be that smiley... right? My college roommate happens to be one and I love picking her brain about air travel behind the scenes. Maybe it…

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The City of Trees: Sacramento Travel Guide

Sacramento has really been evolving the last few years with hipster coffee shops, a trendy restaurant and bar scene, and of course, the building of the new arena right in the middle of Downtown. I grew up in a Sacramento…