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  1. Hi! Did you used to have two other links to larger Airbnbs in your post? We are traveling with a larger group and I could have sworn while reading this a month ago I saw some other options you recommended.

  2. Hello, this is an amazing overview. Is it possible to get around Provence if one doesn’t speak French?

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I don’t speak French at all and everything was fine. We mostly used Google Maps to drive around. I did have to stop once and ask for help when we frantically couldn’t find a gas station. I found the locals very friendly and they usually speak English. Don’t let the language barrier keep you from visiting! Provence is wonderful!

  3. Thank you for sharing this short but sweet trip! We’ve just returned from the South of France but sadly we didn’t get a chance to explore any of the pretty villages of Provence – there just wasn’t enough time to pack everything in! Next time we’d love to return and stay on a lovely vineyard, experience the lavender fields and wander through the tiny alleyways. The Monastery sounds like a beautiful place to visit!


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