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  1. Thanks for this really useful post. Can I just ask, how tall is Alfie? I am moving abroad and taking my beloved cat, but she is about 27cm tall and all airlines I have checked out demand a carrier no higher than 23cm in which a pet can stand up comfortably in a normal position. There is just no way I am letting them put her in the hold, she is an anxious cat and unusually for a cat, hates being left alone… I really don’t know what to do but to me it looks like Alfie is poking out the top of the carrier too when she is upright…?

    1. Hi Maj, I can totally understand why you’d be nervous. Alfie’s head is above her body and she like to poke out her head just slightly, but if her spine/neck are horizontal she fits fine (if that makes sense). She usually lays down in it most of the time. I think a normal size cat would be fine. Good luck on your move!

  2. This post is great! I’ve been looking for a summary of the weight limit of each airline. It really helps since our dogs + container is slightly above 8kgs so looking for an airline that could accommodate them has been exhausting. Thanks for this and please keep updating!

    1. Thank you, Karen. I understand it’s so time consuming trying to find information. also has some great resources! They give a nice summary of the requirements by country as well. Have a safe trip!

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