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  1. Oh thank you so! I am feverishly taking notes about all of the above for my upcoming trip THIS WEEK ack and YAY – and I’m also super curious about where the lovely flower market you’ve got pictured is? Thank you

  2. Florence looks so pretty and charming! Tuscany is on my list for next summer and we have so many affordable flights to Florence from London that it would be the perfect way to spend a couple of nights there. Every holiday I plan to get up early and take pretty photos when the world isn’t awake yet but somehow it never happens… Maybe one day!


  3. Such a beautiful city, and the food looks amazing! I’ve been twice, but really want to go back someday and spend a good couple of weeks in once place 🙂

  4. My husband and I spent the day in Florence today. We accidentally walked past All’Antico Vinaio and it was packed! Maybe everyone read your post 😉 Have you ever been to La Pizzicheria di Antonio Porrati? A hidden gem in downtown Florence for sure. xx

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