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  1. Where can I find the little motor scooter keychain you have in your gift list? Thank you.

  2. Wonderful to discover your writing of Avellino. Compania, Italia
    My grandmother Frezzaroli was from Quindici and grandfather Pesapane from Lauro. I have researched and emailed churches for birth records. They say destroyed in fire maybe earthquake.
    Recently I have done a watercolor of Castello Lancellotti 11th century castle in Irpina. Lauro.
    In Quindici I drew and painted the village, bell tower and church with silver dome.
    My question I looked up and cannot find is who built the bell tower and name of church.???
    If you could help me I would appreciate it very much.
    Best regards.
    Ruth Ann Midi

    1. Hello Ruth,

      There have been several large earthquakes in the area and it doesn’t surprise me that records might have been lost.
      I am not that informed on bell towers and who built them. Best of luck in your research!

  3. My fiancé and I are getting married in October and his family is from Avellino Italy. I wanted to surprise him with a gift from Avellino or something of Avellino.

    1. Congratulations! We really loved living in Avellino. It’s a special area of Italy. I’m not sure where you live, but maybe you could get a nice bottle of Taurasi wine? It’s a type of wine local to that region.

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