1. Hi, Scarlett! Love this post – thanks so much for writing it. Would love to know more about your go-to camera settings. (And, like Galacia, would love if you’d make your presets available for sale!)

    1. Hi Tory,
      I watched a few YouTubes that went through every single setting on the Canon cameras and decided what was best for my purposes. For example, I turned off the photo review feature (I don’t need to see the photo I just took when using an electronic view finder) and shortened the automatic turn off time. I also select compressed RAW + JPEG for my image quality. Some people might think it is a waste of space to have both formats, but I just prefer to have both. These are all personal preferences though!

      1. Hi Scarlett,
        I meant more along the lines of your go-to manual settings! Do you shoot in manual mode, aperture priority mode, or a different mode? Do you tend to leave ISO on auto? I’m a beginner trying to learn to shoot travel and street photography, so I’m trying to learn what settings my favorite travel photographers care most about! Thanks again for any tips you’d be willing to share!

        1. Oh!…I see. I either shoot in manual or auto depending on what I’m doing. When I’m shooting in manual, I usually just keep ISO at 100 for during the day (but I live in a sunny place). I mainly adjust aperture and shutter speed unless I’m in low light. I think a great way to learn when starting out is to use aperture priority. You should also try watching YouTubes! Videos are so helpful!

    1. Thank you so much! I use my own presets that I’ve made over the years. Then, I’ll do some more edits to each individual photo, depending on the scene (maybe upping the exposure or adding warmth).

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