Naples Record breaking Pizza

Don’t Rain on my Pizza Parade

Milan quietly laughed at Naples on Sunday morning when their attempts to surpass their record for world’s longest pizza were foiled by severe rain. Those northerners were probably not so quietly laughing… Do Italians do anything quietly? I bet they were up all night on Saturday doing elaborate rain dances while Neapolitans obliviously celebrated their soccer victory.

On Saturday night, Napoli player Gonzalo Higuaín broke the record for number of goals by a single player in a season. Ironically, this record was previously held by Milan player. The gods of northern Italy were not gonna sit back in their togas and let Napoli surpass two records in one weekend.

Back to the pizza….

Naples Record breaking Pizza

Right there was supposed to lie the world’s longest pizza. Not a puddle of water. Sigh.

Naples Record breaking Pizza

Would-be pizza eaters walk with their tail between their legs… probably on their way to a pizzeria.

Naples was preparing to break Milan’s record from last year’s Expo when they made a 1.5 km long pizza. The ill-fated mission began with over 60 pounds of basil, 200 liters of EVOO, 1.5 tons cans of tomatoes and 2 tons of cheese and flour. I didn’t get to the bottom of if the “ton” in question was a short ton, a long ton or a metric ton. Who knew there were so many “tons”?

Regardless, even in a city as pizza-centric as Naples, that’s a lot of wasted food. Seriously, what did they do with all that cheese? Maybe every pizzeria is serving mozzarella on the house for the next few days? Understandably, I was least worried about the fate of the non-perishable items.

Naples Record breaking Pizza

Those white bins are FILLED with pizza dough.

The Castel dell’Ovo in the background makes that stack of bins look meek in comparison, but that’s a lot of pizza dough… enough to span 2km to be exact.

Considering Naples is the birthplace of pizza, it seems only natural that they would have the record. Making pizza is something this city does with passion and expertise. Planning on the other hand? Not so much. Who decided to have this show down in May? It’s quite rainy here in the spring.

You’d think they’d be satisfied knowing they make the best pizza in the world. Who cares who can make the longest?

Naples Record breaking Pizza

I’ve heard the rematch is schedule for sometime in June. Hopefully, I’ll get to see these custom motorized pizza ovens in action eventually.

Naples Record breaking Pizza

It was so sad to see pure defeat on the faces of the pizza makers. At the end of the day though, at least they had pizza to wash down all that disappointment.

Naples Record breaking Pizza

And so did I.


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  1. Reply
    Athena Politou
    May 24, 2016 at 2:56 pm

    As I kept scrolling I was wondering “WHERE IS THE PIZZA”, it looked so sad! Now I want pizza lol.


    1. Reply
      Petite Suitcase
      May 25, 2016 at 6:38 am

      Right?! My thoughts exactly, Athena! Even more devastating, they made it a few days later and I missed it. At least there is never a shortage of normal sized pizzas in this city. 🙂

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