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  1. Great tips. I so love Paris and do regret I don’t go there more often (after all, it is only 2.5 hours away from London thanks to the Eurostar). Definitely time to head over there again soon.

    1. I took the Eurostar for my first trip to Paris when I was living in England. It’s so easy! I think we are all guilty of not taking advantage of what’s in our own backyards. I once saw a cost analysis on skincare and makeup from a Londoner. The exchange rate and cost savings on her favorite products more than covered her Eurostar ticket. In case you needed another excuse!

  2. Great guide and beautiful photos! I used to live in Paris and am pleased to say I’ve been to all the restaurants mentioned bar one 😀 I’d love to stay at the Hoxton when I go back. I’ve been there to work in the lobby but the rooms look cosy too!

  3. Is this a baguette or cookie next to the Espresso at St. Regis Cafe? Great tips! 🙂

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