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  1. Hi Scarlet, I loved this tour! I love old places, and Matera is amazing. At 78 I’m not sure that I could walk everywhere, so this tour was perfect for me. No surprise, I love that you have your sweet pup with you Keep these tours coming! Many thanks!

  2. Lovely article! We are thinking of going for Easter next year. Did you find most things open – restaurants, museums, sassi tours etc? Or does the town shut down for the holidays? Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Martina. It’s always hard to anticipate what will be open in Italy during a holiday, but Matera didn’t really shut down for Easter. The restaurants were all still open and families were definitely out and about. I can’t speak for the tours though because I didn’t take one. I’d recommend making reservations to eat and try to book tours ahead of time. Hope you enjoy Matera as much as I did!

  3. I love how the town is completely monochrome, it’s beautiful! I’m the same with fancy dining, i’m way too excited to explore to be able to sit down somewhere for too long!
    PS: your dog is the cutest!

    1. Matera definitely isn’t going to make it on any “Top 10 Most Colorful Places in Italy” articles, but it’s such a gorgeous town. I’m a little obsessed with Alfie! Glad you think she’s the cutest too ; )

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