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  1. I ve been to Biarritz 5 times since 2004. I found that if you make an effort to speak a few words of French , they will more likely help you out in English. A few key phrases such PLEASE, ( pron- see vou play), yes ( oui) pron ” we”, No, pron- No, will help. In this part of France from my experience they speak a bit more english than Paris and Normandie, but I would still make an effort to learn a few simple french phrases. Another good one is ” WHERE IS? or WHERE ARE? ( PRONIUNCED OOH- A and OOH-son)…and of course MERCI ! ( MERCY) THANKS

    1. Thanks for your comment, Chris. Yes, I definitely try to make an effort with the few words I do know. “S’il vous plaît” and “Merci” alway go a long way.
      How amazing to have been 5 times. Would love to hear any other of your recommendations for next time!

  2. Wow, thank you for this interesting and very helpful article!
    My boyfriend and I are planning to visit Biaritz this summer. But unfortunately neither of us speaks French.
    I would like to hear your experiences on how to get around in Biaritz only in English? Is it possible or, shall we say, recommended? 🙂 🙂

    1. Hi Lena, I do not speak any French (other than “Bonjour” and “Merci”) and got around just fine! Most people do speak a little English, but I would also use Google Translate as needed. Enjoy your travels!

  3. My great grand parents owned a summer villa in Biarritz (in Anglet), it was called “El Hogar”, it was lost in 1968 to a scam and since then the city bought it for pennies, the family never received a penny, a scam between the city, the family, and previous renter. The grounds are now one or the city’s main sport center and the house became the cultural center for the city. The good thing is that all of it is open to the public so we as a family plan to visit the city and the villa sometime in April to avoid the crowds and heat. We live in Paris, my wife is a U.S. diplomat and we are in France for another year and a half. We came from Charleston, S.C. as our previous U.S. tour. We plan to maybe stay in San Sebastian and just take a taxi to Biarritz from there and take the trai down there from Paris or maybe spend a coyple of days in Biarritz and then move to San Sebastian. We are taking our small dog with us. Thank you for your art8cle, it was very nice and will come in handy then.

    1. What an interesting story! Thank you for sharing.
      I travel with a small dog as well and found it pretty easy. You can take a very fast train from Paris to Bordeaux/Biarritz. Sounds like a great trip. Enjoy!

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