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  1. Hi! Would you recommend getting a car for 5 days in Taormina (to see surrounding areas)?

    1. Hello Sofis,
      Yes, getting a car to visit wineries and other nearby towns is a great idea. Parking can be a bit challenging in Taormina itself, but check with your accommodation for tips on the best parking garage. Where I stayed (Hotel Belvedere) had its own lot.

  2. hello and thank you so much for your very informed article on Taormina. made some good notes.


  3. I enjoyed reading about Taormina for our upcoming trip! Also to note that it is on top of a hill because I did not realize that! The older ones with us won’t be able to handle that so we’ll have to see. And I will definitely check to make sure the cable car is operating!

    1. You could still visit the town of Taormina itself and not go down to the beach (if accessibility is an issue). Bella Isola and the beach are beautiful, but you could still enjoy other things to do. I hope the cable car is running for you!

  4. Love your blog. Where was the photo taken of the ceramic heads with plants overhanging on the balcony? I would love to see that on my visit.

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