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  1. My husband and I are planning on living in Puglia for 3 months (we have had a short visit previously but it was cold and wet). This time we will be there from the start of September. We can’t decide whether to base ourselves in Monopoli (haven’t been there) and Ostuni. We love wine, food, wandering in laneways and people watching. We will have a car. Can you suggest which town will have a better vibe?

    1. Hi Vivienne, Three months! Wow! So nice!
      I haven’t been to Monopoli either. I might not stay in the same place for all three months. Might be nice to break it up. Monopoli is a larger town, so there might be more things open as you get into a the slower season on November. I would also consider staying half the time more north (Monopoli or Ostuni) and then do the other half in Lecce so you could see all of Puglia! Wherever you stay, the time is sure to be memorable!

  2. Your Blog is amazing! So much great information. We’ve been lucky enough to have travelled through Italy over the years but never to Puglia. I am wondering if you could share some insight on travelling through Puglia without a car. We will be spending 6 nights and would like to split the time between 2 towns/areas. Also what it is like to be in the area at the end of August? Any information is greatly appreciated!

    1. If you’ve enjoyed your trips to Italy in the past, you will love Puglia! The end of August is very crowded in beach areas. Be sure to make reservations, book transportation in advance, and leave plenty of travel time since you won’t have a car. I haven’t heard great things about public transportation in Puglia, to be honest. I would stay in a larger town like Ostuni, Bari or Monopoli where you might have more options.

  3. Thank you for this! We leave for Puglia Saturday for a “babymoon” and all of your posts on the region have been incredibly helpful!

      1. Wonderful refresher. I spent 3 weeks in Puglia 2 years ago and will return next year for a longer stay. It really is beautiful and rich in history and character. If going there, venture further south to Lecce, Monopoly and Otranro. Just as stunning.

  4. How long would you recommend staying in Puglia for first time visitors to Italy who are also exploring the other major towns e.g. Rome, Florence, Chianti, Siena, Pisa, Positano etc.

    1. Hi Sydney,
      Well, that really all depends on how long the whole trip is. Are you doing a slow travel trip over the span of two months (lucky you!)? Or trying to squeeze that those places into 10 days? You could probably see Ostuni and most the towns in the area over 3 or 4 days. If you also want to go all the way down to Lecce and spend a day in each town, you could easily spend 10 days enjoying Puglia alone.

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