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  1. Thank you for this. I am planning a trip to Avellino and it will be my first time in Italy. I found out recently that is where my dad’s family is from. He passed away when I was little. I have been taking Italian for about a year so I can speak a bit conversationally but I am not fluent. I was really nervous about going there and driving into Avellino, but I think it’ll be lovely. I really appreciate all of the details and information. I have so many things to do!

  2. My mother was from the commune of Montefredane, just outside Avellino. I remember childhood trips out to see my family on the small holding, and visiting Avellino with my cousins to enjoy a slice of pizza (sliced from a big tray, folded and eaten like a sandwich) in the evening. So many memories. I. was actually confirmed at the the Sanctuary at Montevergine!
    I also remember the devastation of the 1980 earthquake. Our old farmhouse had to be rebuilt, but we kept what was left of the old structure, and my grandmother would every day, fire up the wood oven in the old house (about 20 meters from the new house).
    Thanks for rekindling my memories.

  3. After receiving a notice from, I snooped around the internet as I recalled my grandparents were from Avellino. Their names were Pietro Fieno and Carmella Giordano. I’ve always wondered If I have relatives still living there. My name is Steve Fieno.

  4. Hello!
    My Grandparents were from Avellino. I don’t know much about them as they died when my father was a young boy.
    Philomena Gagglione and Marino IANDIORIO.
    My husband and I will be visiting Avellino in August.
    We are hoping to locate their family home.
    Dee Michaels

  5. My family is also from Avillino. The name is Trimarco…some spell it Tremarco. I wanted to travel to visit but then Covid hit. I am wanting to connect with any Trimarco family that may still be living in the area (Naples, Avellino and other surrounding areas).
    Do you think it would be safe to travel without a guide?
    Thank you for your pics. I have some names of Churches and cemeteries in Avellino that my family were married and buried in.
    Thank you again and I would enjoy more pictures and history if available.

    1. Hello Deborah,
      Yes, in my experience Avellino is quite safe. You could travel there and in the area without a guide. Google Maps is very helpful for planning and seeing photos of places. You can look up the churches and cemeteries on Google Maps to see photos that others have taken there. I also use the street view feature frequently to really get a sense of a place.
      Hopefully, travel will start to open up even more this year and you are able to visit!

  6. So happy to read this and see the pictures! My great grandparents were both from Avellino and I am Looking for a gift for my mom for Christmas! Could you share any additional pictures with me? I’d love to make her a picture book.

  7. I was born in Avellino but came to the USA at the age of 7. Twenty one years later I visited and was reunited with my biological family. it was a dream come true and I never imagined how beautiful it truly is. I have visited often since then and my children and husband are always excited about our trips there. They have discovered a famiiy that is as warm as the country of Italy is and always makes us feel benvenuto (welcome). I recommend Avellino and the Amalfi Coast as a must see. The cuisine is among the best in Italy.

    1. Ciao Adriana,
      Thank you for sharing! How special to be born in such a beautiful place. I can’t wait to visit again. I don’t know another places as welcoming as Italy. I also couldn’t agree more about the food… the wine is wonderful too!

  8. So happy I found this post! My grandfather is from Rotundi and when I asked him where I should visit while I was in Naples he said Monte vergine! It was hard to find info but then I found your post!!!
    Thank you I will hopefully rent a car this weekend and check it out!
    Also- welcome to San Diego! I love living there!!!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you found my post. That whole area is absolutely beautiful and I love the city of Avellino. My husband talks about missing those mountain views all the time. Enjoy your time in Naples too!

  9. Hi! Came here because of Danielle’s blog. Living in Italy must be such a dream. Avellino looks lovely — and it’s so cool to see it covered in snow!

  10. Love this post! And so glad you finally put this together! Your photos are fantastic, and we loved Avellino because of your recommendations. We will be back soon to try more of them! Thanks again!

  11. Ciao Scarlett
    come to visit il Cilento 🙂
    we wait you at il cannito , a magic place overlooking the ruins of Paestum
    looking forward to hearing and seeing you soon
    bets regards
    Antonella Gorga

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