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  1. Would places re-open by mid-March or are they pretty much still quiet and closed during the week?

    1. I haven’t been to Tuscany in March, but I would say that usually Easter weekend marks the opening season. In recent years, Italy is more popular than ever so I would not be surprised if places are now busy year round! I recommend calling or emailing the restaurants/wineries you want to visit to make sure they will be open. Have a nice time!

  2. Thanks for your article, very informative. We will be in Tuscany the first week of December. Having a hard time finding information on any events happening. Do you have any recommendations?

  3. Thanks for the info on visiting Tuscany in Winter. We plan to be there end of December into mid-January. We plan to spend a week in Florence and only use public transportation. We will have a rental car for the second half of our time in Tuscany and we are trying to decide on a good town to stay in where we can explore in our car. Do you have any recommendations for a good home base in winter with a car?

    1. I have always been fond of Montepulciano and Siena. They are both near the freeway so easy transportation via car. I think it would also be nice to stay in a cozy villa in the countryside, but that depends on your preference.

  4. Hi! Thanks so much for sharing! Am thinking of taking a road trip through Tuscany and seeing the Val d orcia in the first week of December. Do you know if it would still be scenic or would the fields just be barren

    1. I would check the weather forecast for what area you will be exactly, as Tuscany can really vary by city. I remember when I went in winter, I definitely needed a light coat and the nights were chilly. I wore a scarf and boots the whole time. Hopefully, you will get lucky with some sunshine!

  5. Hello where would you reccomend staying in case it snows? We will be in Chianti area for November 26 dinner in panzana. Should we stay in panzano for easy access? 27th we drive to Florence and stay there for one night

    1. Hello Barbare,
      I don’t think it usually gets cold enough to snow in November. I was in Tuscany around the same time a few years back and it was quite mild.
      If you don’t want to drive up to Florence that night after dinner, you could stay in that town itself or drive about 15 minutes to Borgo del Cabreo or Villa Bordoni “. I haven’t stayed in that area, but have those saved as nice hotels. They might be closed for the season though. Terre di Baccio looks like it might still be open in November.
      Good luck and have a nice trip!
      *Hotels links are affiliate.

  6. Hello, could you tell me which month in winter you visited Tuscany? We are planning to visit late October and beginning of November.
    I enjoy your posts and find they are quite helpful in the preparation of our trip. Best regards, Josee Moreau

    1. Hi Josee,
      The photos in this post were taken in late January. I think October/November is a much better time to visit Tuscany. I’ve also been in late November when the Christmas markets start opening. Most hotels are still open, the weather isn’t too terrible and there are less crowds. I believe there are even some wine events/festivals around that time. Glad you find my blog helpful!

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