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  1. Very romantic, Madam !

    “On my page in the Book of Fate, there was written that on the evening of the 28th of September, by five o’clock, German time, I should see Venice for the first time, as I passed from the Brenta into the lagunes, and that soon afterward I should actually enter and visit this strange island-city, this heaven-like republic. So now. Heaven be praised! Venice is no longer to me a bare and a hollow name…” (Goethe)

  2. Such an amazing journey, beautiful pics would definitely love to explore the way you did

  3. Hi
    Florian now has a music fee of whooping 12 euro. The coffee is 3 euro at the bar but 7:50 if you sit down. Together with the 12 euro-Walzer that sums up to 19:50… for an espresso. Gotta be some sort of world record lol

  4. Thank you so much for this post! My husband and I are going to Venezia next week and this is a great guide already! xx

  5. What a splendid post! I was in Italy last month but I’m definitely long overdue for another trip to Venice…

  6. I love this! You guys have had some pretty awesome places – all the pictures are simply beautiful. That has to be one of the most memorable, not many people get to say that they have accomplished that! Great Job!

  7. Ahhh Venice looks so pretty – it’s been on my list for awhile! Thanks for this guide, looks like there’s so much to do and see! Definitely keeping this handy for when I go

  8. Beautiful photos! I have to admit, i wasn’t really that fond of Venice when I visited 8 years ago but your post has inspired me to give it another go. x

  9. omg your photos are so beautiful! I can’t wait to finally get to venice this summer – great tip about the maps, I can totally see myself getting lost… But isn’t that the magic of venice? 😉
    Would you say a weekend was enough time to explore?

    1. Hi Rachel, We were there for two nights. I would have liked to have been there for three, but I think Venice is doable in a weekend. We had time to go to two museums, but not to see Burano or Murano. So, I think it just depends on how much you want to see 🙂 Enjoy!

  10. I’m going to Italy at the end of October, I am so excited to visit Venice. I’m saving this post for when I start really planning my trip! I love all your suggestions.

  11. I’ve just booked flights to Venice for April, it’ll be our third trip but we’ve not been for over a decade now. Last time we had 6 nights, this time I’ve pipped it with 7 nights as I know I want to take it slow and take a billion photographs!!!

  12. Your photos are just beautiful! I wanted to pin every single one. Venice is also on our list this year and we also don’t live all that far away! I can honestly say this post makes me want to book the next bus. 😀

  13. You’re making me want to go back! The first time I went to Venice I wasn’t in love with it like everyone said I would be. I thought it was nice enough but after a day I was ready to leave. I think if I went back I may like it more! Your photos are stunning!

    1. You definitely should give it another try… maybe in winter or shoulder season (when it’s at least warm enough to sit outside… I do love eating outside!). It’s impossible to take a bad photo in Venice!

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