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  1. Good afternoon. My wife and I will be visiting Tuscany Region late september for a week. Ive been reading your travel blog and I need advice. We will be starting Florence and considering renting a vehicle to get around…good idea or bad?
    Next I need a central location to base out of to do day trips. Wanting to see montepulciano, mantalchino, san giomani and others. Suggestion of village to stay? Id prefer the lesser touristy places to stay.
    Thank you for any input you might have.

    Steven White

    1. A very good idea to rent a car to get around Tuscany! However, I would not rent it for the duration you will be in Florence itself. Perhaps stay two nights in Florence, then move to a more country setting (especially if you prefer a less touristy place). Somewhere near Siena would be central to those places you want to see, but I also really love Pienza! Late September will be wonderful! Enjoy!

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