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  1. Scarlett,
    I love your site. It is very informative, especially when you have never been to Positano. We are planning a trip next June for our 50th anniversary. I’ve been looking at hotel and VRBO options. While part of the beauty is the amazing landscape, the stairs to climb several times a day at 70 will be a challenge even if at our fittest. Is there a certain area that is more friendly with access than others? Or maybe we stay in Amalfi or Praiano and visit Positano for the day. We will be flying in from Naples. Any thoughts you have will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Nina

    1. Hi Nina,
      First of all, congratulations on 50 years!
      The stairs in Positano are a challenge for almost everyone! You can walk along the main driving road that is just very slanted (no stairs). I have done this to take the scenic route or give my legs a break. I would recommend staying as close to the beach as possible or along that main driving road to avoid some stairs. Somewhere like Casa Buonocore or Hotel Buca di Bacco.

      Praiano has just as many stairs… and I can’t remember very well for Amalfi honestly. Sorrento is pretty flat along the main town, but you would have to climb a lot of stairs to get down to the beaches and the ferry.

      Have a wonderful trip and congrats, again!

  2. Hi! I love your blog so much. I’m planning a trip to Italy for next year and would love to stay in a small town similar to Positano, but minus the luxury price tag. Any suggestions?

    1. That is understandable… Positano does come with a price tag (especially with the increase in demand for travel). I would recommend staying in Sorrento for its easy transportation and more accommodation options. If you want a smaller coastal town more like Positano though, you might want to look into Praiano.

  3. Hi there
    I’m helping my brother plan a stay in Positano area, two months this July and August. 2 bedrooms – wondering if you could offer some suggestions

    1. How wonderful to stay in Positano for two months in the summer! For a long term rental, I would check some of the Airbnbs I’ve listed in this post. also has apartment rentals that would be worth checking out. Sorrento might also have a larger selection. Good luck in your search!

  4. Hi Scarlett,

    Need some advice here. If I am planning to go to Positano in mid May,then how much time in advance do I need to book the hotels/guesthouses, I especially liked the Dimora del Podesta.

    1. Hi Pratip,
      If you know you have your heart set on a place, I would book as early as possible. Hotels in Positano can fill up fast under normal circumstances. Considering most people postponed their vacations to 2021 due to COVID, I would bet some are already full! I really loved Dimora del Podesta. Enjoy!

  5. This was such a helpful write-up! I just booked Hotel Poseidon for my upcoming trip and this helped solidify my decision (ultimately, I decided to spring for one of the few pools in town). Thank you from a fellow San Diegan!

  6. I haven’t been to Positano yet, but the place looks like a piece of paradise, Scarlett. This is an exceptional accommodation guide which I am definitely saving to reread! How many days would you recommend staying there?

    1. Thank you, Agness! Positano is certainly a little slice of paradise. As far as how long you should stay, that depends on what else you want to see in the area and budget. If you are also planning day trips to Capri, Amalfi and Sorrento, you’d probably need at least three or four days. Positano can be seen in a day or two, but I like to stay as long as possible!

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