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  1. What was the weather like in November? We’re going this fall and want to make sure I’m packing appropriately.

    1. The weather was perfect for us. I remember the mornings being more crisp, but you didn’t really need a heavy jacket. Cool enough to really enjoy the hot chocolate too! I would just check the forecast a few days before you pack to be sure. Enjoy your trip!

  2. Gah, I love this post! Was waiting excitedly for it, not gonna lie. Thank you for putting it together as I’m definitely going to use it as inspiration… whenever we make it down there. I totally agree with you about Switzerland btw. And loved your shout-out back to our hometown too 😉 xoxo

      1. Hi!! Lovely pictures!! I recently went to mexico city and fell in LOVE with it. Can you so kindly let me know where the first image is located.. we plan on visitng next month

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