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  1. Loved this post! I have celiac too and am planning to honeymoon in Puglia! What were you able to eat at Borgo Antico Bistrot? That was on our list! Also, I am a photographer myself! What camera do you use for your travel photos? They are lovely!

  2. We found 1/2 day was enough in Alberobello. Almost all the pictures you see are from a central 2 street area. All very touristy. And completely surrounded by a very normal small city. Parking available in municipal lots 2-3 blocks away.
    Castel del Monte (which appears on the one euro coin) isn’t that far away. 2 hours to Matera which was the 2019 city of culture.

  3. Hi

    Planning a trip to La Puglia, how many bases do you recommend? Ostuni and any other?

    1. Hi Fernanda,
      That depends on how long you are planning to visit, how much of the region you want to see and what you like to do on vacation. If you want to relax on the beaches and enjoy Puglia for just a few days, then just staying in Ostuni would be good plan. If you want to stay for two weeks and see every city in the region, then it might be a good idea to have more than one base. Have a nice time!

  4. We’re planning a trip to the south later in the year and will have only a week there. We’re torn between basing ourselves in Bari or Lecce. We’ll have a car. What do you think?

    1. Hi Gary, I have never been to Lecce or the tip of Puglia so I can’t really say! It all depends on what towns you want to see. We used Ostuni as our base in Puglia. Perhaps you could do both (three nights and three nights)? Enjoy your time in Puglia!! I absolutely loved it!

  5. Thank you for this lovely guide! I am not sure if this is OK to ask here, but could I ask about the price for the set menu at Masseria il Fratoio? We just try to budget a bit around special meals/hotels so would love to have an idea, and I didn’t see it on their website. Thanks so much for your help!

    1. It was around 65 euro a person for 8 courses and wine. I’m not sure, but they might offer lunch and/or a reduced meal with 4 courses. They were responsive to email when I reached out. Be sure to contact them for the details and book in advance!

  6. Ciao Scarlett
    There are a lot of places not in the vacationers radar that is worth trying next time you come to Puglia…we left London and moved here permanentely! If you are coming back lets us know!
    Baci dalla Citta’ Bianca

  7. Hi! Looks beautiful! I am going on my honeymoon to Sicily / positano and then I have 4 nights available to go somewhere. Can’t decide if I should do Puglia or Tuscany?! Do you have a preference?

    1. That is a really tough question! Both are so amazing in their own way and I could hardly choose a “preference.” It all depends on the kind of experience you want to have. It seems like you will be getting a lot of beach time between Sicily and Positano, so you might want to do Tuscany for something non-beach related? I never made it to Sicily, so I’m jealous! Enjoy!

  8. Hi! I found your post so helpful for planning our trip to Puglia! I also have Celiacs and I’m wondering if you have any advice. Did you have any issues ordering? Did most restaurants know what you were talking about when you mentioned it? Any favorite go to dishes?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Ciao Marisa! Italians are incredibly knowledgeable about Celiac disease. Food is at the center of every event and they want everyone to take part. Just tell the waiter and make sure to order “senza glutine.” A lot of restaurants have gluten free pasta. The meal I had at Masseria Il Frantoio was 100% gluten free and I would go back in a heartbeat!

    1. It’s the restaurant at Masseria Il Frantoio! I give all the details right before the beach photos 🙂 There’s no menu. They just make you 8 amazing courses of what is in season. I have the photos of the pasta and fish courses posted here too. Be sure to make a reservation!

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