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  1. Hi Scarlett, just found your blog. 🙂 Beautiful and a Great write about my home Basel (ex Canadian girl living here now) and pictures. Yes, you can do all three in a day no problems. I have gone to France (St. Louis) to do some shopping and then over to Germany for more and then dinner out in Germany at a nice Gasthaus. Much cheaper then Switzerland. I will have to try Restaurant Boo. I have not tried it yet and I miss Thai as well sometimes. Where I live in Oberwil (BL) I can walk to France and have a nice lunch. Its about a 2.8 km walking path. So its a nice hike and you arrive in Neuwiller France for a nice lunch and then walk back (its hike down so that’s better for the way back after a nice lunch with some wine) in May I will be going to Italy for a week vacation to Portofino and Santa Margherita. I just love Italy as well. Must be amazing to live there. 🙂 best wishes to you! Love California as well!

    1. Hi Lisa! If you miss Thai, definitely give Restaurant Boo a try. Walk to France for lunch?! That sounds divine! I’ve heard Portofino is gorgeous. You will have a lovely time… especially with the weather in May 🙂

  2. You should come back in summer, when you can sit relaxed at the Rhein, drink a beer or two, grill on one of those single use grills and take a swim in the Rhein (it’s definitly clean enough). Also, you can visit the “Dreiländereck”, where all Germany, France and Switzerland boarder on each other 🙂

  3. I actually live in Basel as I study in the Musik Akademie here. When I first arrived I wasn’t won over instantly but slowly the place has carved out a little home in my heart.

    Basel is beautiful in the winter but it truly comes alive in the summer. As I’m writing the sun has come out over the city, which turns the banks of the Rhine into beaches full of people barbequeing and relaxing after swimming in the river. There are so many hidden spots here to discover that it’s worth staying a while to find out about Basel’s secrets: she doesn’t give them up easily! After all this is a city where the best bar in the world, hung with painted tapestries lit from behind like lanterns and buried deep underground, only opens for three days a year during the Fasnacht festival and then closes, hiding under the streets of the old town. And in the humble Unternehmen Mitte coffee Shop, a regular meeting place for Basel’s hipsters, on Sunday nights couples dance Tango in candlelight until the early hours.

    I really liked your post on Basel and I am glad you liked it. Come back for longer next one because I promise you she has a lot to give. I am glad I gave her a chance!

    1. Rosie, I am loving everyone’s tips! It sounds like Basel certainly has some secrets spots : ) We loved our day in Basel and summer seems like a fabulous time to return! Thank you so much for commenting!

  4. Even though i live in Basel, i sometimes forget how beautiful and charming this city is. Thank you for reminding me?. Wonderful photos. I enjoyed reading the text?

  5. You managed to find my favourite house in Basel on your very first day here! I live in Basel and often walk along the Rhine. I love to see how the same scenes change and evolve through the year. The charming yellow house, in photos 2 and 3, marks the seasons and holidays with its changing decorations to mark the seasons and holidays..

  6. I can call myself a lucky person as I am living in Basel! It is beautiful indeed and I am deeply in love with this (rather small) city.
    If you consider visiting the Fasnacht (traditional and very mytstic carnival only to be found in Basel) is really worth experiencing! It starts in the middle of the night and is accompanied by lanterns and beautiful masks and flute and drum music for 72 hours. All is based on thousands of volunteers!

    Further it is worthwhile visiting in summer. That is when half of the population is spending its leisure time at the river Rhein. We have special swimming bags called “Wickelfish” (in the shape of a fish and waterproof) and people float through the city for over 5km and next to the large container boats!
    Basel is also among the most sunniest cities in Switzerland! (We actually hardly ever have snow…)

    Come visit and you will fall in love!

    1. Wow! That sounds like an awesome carnival. I grew up near a river and loved floating down it in during the hot days of summer. That sounds like so much fun to do in Switzerland. How do you choose a season to visit when it sounds so amazing all year!? Thank you so much for commenting!

  7. Well we live round the corner from a number of your pictures in a historic building in the old town on the Kleinbasel side of the river. Been here years. Originally from Britain but have lived on orher places over the years. This is home. Love it.

    1. Sarah, you are so lucky to call this area home! We absolutely loved strolling around this area. I love Britain as well. I lived in Bournemouth for about a year and fell in love with England. Thanks for commenting!

  8. Gorgeous photos! Never thought my home town is so pretty ? And yes, I have been in three countries in a day ? There is even a walk on the river side where you visit a corner of all the three. Next time perhaps?

  9. Wow I’d love to be able to just hop off to another country for 24 hours! Basel looks beautiful in Winter and certainly looks like a charming city!

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