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  1. Someone mentioned Bassano. Is that worth seeing. I want to get a local vibe. My husband doesn’t want to rent a car so public transportation. Planning on being in Italy for six weeks and definitely want to see Sicily, Agrigento. I’ve been to Rome and Firenze, Almalfi Coast but may take a few days there again. I prefer at least 3 nights in a place. We are 70.

    1. Hi Sharon, I have not stayed in Bassano, but I have been to an amazing ceramic shop on the outskirts of town called La Ceramica VBC. You MUST go if you are in the area. They make pieces from Vietri, Tiffany’s, Pottery Barn, etc for a fraction of the retail price.
      6 weeks will be ample time! Enjoy!

  2. I love your itinerary and I have one question. I don’t want to drive to Milan if
    we rent a car can you drop off somewhere in Lake Como and train to Milan? Thanks.

    1. There are probably car rentals in the bigger town of Como. You might pay a premium, but depends on how much it is worth to you. You could always look at the rental car agencies at the different Milan airports, then train into Milan from the airport.

  3. Hi! My husband and I are planning a trip similar to yours! Question: From the Dolomites to Lake Como, did you feel like you were in the car forever?! Or is that why you added a stop at Lake Garda? We are trying to avoid stopping too much, but it looks like we may have to!

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