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  1. Thank you so much for this list! I have coeliac and am heading to Naples soon for the first time. I would have been devastated not to find a few good pizza options. Thanks again!

  2. We just been at Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo
    Boat of them. No they don’t serve glutenfree pizza sadly…

  3. Are there any restaurants that share their ingredient list for multiple food allergies? I don’t expect to be able to eat, but it would make travel easier. I can take a list, but know it’s intimidating plus I need to plan ahead as it will be a long day trip.

    Also, I have one kiddo that is just gluten free. We will be coming in for a day trip from Rome and he has requested pizza from Naples. We could possibly eat twice, once on our way to Pompeii and once on the way back. What would be your top one or two favorites?

    1. Hi Julie, A lot of restaurants have an allergen menu or symbols next to each item with common allergens. I understand the pain of having to plan ahead every meal! Carrying a translated list might help.
      My favorite is Sorbillo’s by the waterfront. I also really love Starita. Enjoy your trip!

  4. I don’t have any recommendations for Naples, but if you ever find yourself hungry for GF pizza in Florence, Pizzaman is the very best!

  5. Hi!

    Thank you for your wonderful tips!

    I’ve just tride a really good resturant that served me one of my most best tasting gluten-free pizza in my life!
    I have not tried any of you’re recomended restaurants yet, because I arrived today 🙂



  6. Is there a cooking school in Naples that teaches how to make GF pizza? Or a place where I could hire someone to teach me?

  7. Thank you so so much for this list! I’m going to Naples in May, it will be very helpful!! I also like some good pasta dishes! Do you know any restaurant which does that in Naples?

    1. Honestly, I can’t think of any off the top of my head! I guess I’m just always get pizza! Italians are very accommodating. You’d be surprised at how many restaurants serve gluten free pasta. You can always look at a menu or ask before you sit down. Have a great trip!

  8. this is amazing – are you celiac yourself? I am so always worry about cross contamination. x

    1. Hi Gemma! Yes, I have celiac. Pizzerias cook the pizza on a dedicated pan in the wood burning oven. They don’t just slide it in on the same surface as the rest of the pizzas. I was nervous about that at first, but after seeing how they do it I wasn’t worried. Enjoy!

  9. This is amazing, legit drooling! Defo saving for later 🙂 I guess I’ll just have to plan ANOTHER Italy trip now, won’t I?!

  10. I am not a big fan of pizzas. But I should admit that gluten free pizza sounds amazing. Sorry for those times when “gluten free pizza” turned out to be not so gluten free…

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