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  1. loved your post! What time of year did you go? Can you share where you found the field of sunflowers as well?

    1. Thank you, Mari. We went to Provence the first weekend of July. I’m not sure of the exact coordinates of the sunflower field, but I know we passed it driving from Aix to Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. Maybe somewhere along that D99 main street?

  2. One of my favourite regions in France. Gorgeous shots Scarlett. Great to connect. Lorelle 🙂

  3. I love your story. It’s so personal and makes me feel like I’ve been listening to a friend 🙂 The pictures are also amazing!

  4. Scarlett! Thanks so much for sharing the coordinates and details. Love your photos and this is such a great post <3

  5. Scarlett, I sooo appreciate that you were generous enough to divulge the exact (coordinates, even!) location of the lavender fields! You’ve got me feverish to travel right now!

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