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  1. Hello, I have spent the past 4 hours scrolling your every word. You write beautifully.

    We are looking at ischia for our family, children 8 & 7 / or would puglia / Sicily be better?

    Ischia looks incredible but is it more adult ?

    Thanks again,
    Jessica – Melbourne Australia

    1. Wow, Jessica! What an endorsement! I think they would each have different opportunities for kids. They might enjoy the ferry ride over to Ischia. You could also rent a golf cart to ride around. In the summer, I can remember lots of families on the beach in Ischia. All of those places have beaches and/or hotels with pools too. In general, I think Italy is kid friendly. You might want to also consider the easiest flight options and transportation to help make your decision. In Puglia, I would suggest having a car. Have a wonderful trip, wherever you decide!

  2. Thinking of visiting Ischia around Mid-September. Will restaurants, hotels, and spas be closed by then? Or what time of year do you recommend for less crowds but warm weather (yet not scorching hot) while still being open?

  3. This is such a great guide, thank you. My husband and I are visiting in May this year and will definitely use your tips! Thank you!

  4. Thanks for the wealth of knowledge, esp about the incredible garden! Internet world appreciates bloggers like YOU!

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