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  1. This is a great itinerary! Thanks so much for sharing. I will be visiting in July. Are there any wineries nearby you can suggest visiting for the day? We will have a rental car. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for sharing! Were you able to walk everywhere from that particular hotel you stayed at? I’ll be in Bayonne for a week in February and then plan on staying a few days in San Sebastián. But I want to stay somewhere in San Sebastián to where I can walk to everything. Thank you.

    1. Yes, Hotel Arbaso is very central. The Old Town and beach is just a few blocks away. We didn’t use the car at all during our two day trip. We walked all the way from one side of the bay to the other (about 1.5 miles). Enjoy!

  3. Great info. Heading to San Sebastián in June. Will have 5-6 days. Would you suggest staying in San Sebastián or Barritz? Not really planning on beach time. More food, walking, hiking.

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