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Exploring Ischia

Our last trip to Ischia was a few weeks ago when the off-season was just ending. Lido owners and restaurateurs were busy landscaping and putting a fresh coat of paint on lounge chairs and patio furniture. The island was slow and quiet, but buzzing with anticipation for warmer days when the beaches are full and every umbrella is open, offering up a shady shelter.

Ischia Castle

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One Day in Basel

The truth is, the only reason I really chose to go to Basel was I saw a steal on a flight and I had a slight hankering for the snow. I knew about Art Basel where the city comes…

Lucerne Switzerland
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A Weekend in Lucerne

Our trip to Lucerne would have been memorable no matter what, especially with its buildings lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar, I mean snow. However, exploring the surrounding area and getting to go up the Alps really made our trip.…

Mount Pilatus. Lucerne, Switzerland.
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Views from Mount Pilatus

It had been snowing almost the whole time we were in Lucerne and we saw absolutely nothing the day before when we had gone to Rigi. There was a blizzard up on Rigi Klum and I could barely see 10…

Budapest Travel Guide
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Budapest Travel Guide

Budapest has to be one of the most underrated cities in Europe. Of course you’ve heard of Rome, Paris and London… and those cities are certainly staples of any Euro trip. However, Budapest should also be on your list…