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  1. I love, love, live Sorrento and the Amalfi coast. We stayed at the Hotel Antiche Mura, right next to the old mill on one side and the inlaid wood store on the other. I would move there if I could.

  2. I love sorrento and hope to return soon. The beauty of the hotel Grand capodimente and the friendliness of the lads of Chaplins Irish bar and not forgetting the beautiful cuisine in the town restaurants.

  3. My wife andI are of to Sorrento in June 2020 this will be our tenth time and still love coming here.

  4. I visited Sorrento just for one day on a recent trip to Italy but I missed the lemon grove! Gotta go back this summer, I’ll never get tired of Italy!

  5. Have you tried the creamy “cellos”? Crema di Limoncello is fantastic, but in my opinion, it’s the Crema di Meloncello that is the absolute stand-out. I’d go back to Sorrento just to buy another bottle!

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