Exploring London- Photo Diary-5
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Exploring London

I just love exploring London. I love everything about it. Well maybe not everything… the weather can be quite dreary. And while London isn’t quite as expensive as a weekend in Switzerland, it’s a pricey city. Ok, so those two things I don’t love, but let’s not get caught up in the details.

London; Wild at Heart

I used to live in England for about a year, but only visited London once. I couldn’t wait to go back and spend a few days in this beautiful city.

Exploring London. Big Ben

You should be warned that Big Ben is undergoing a bit of a facelift at the moment and will be covered in scaffolding for a few years.

Exploring London- Photo Diary-3

Exploring London mews

Exploring London-

London Mews

Can you tell I was on a mission for mews? These charming rows of houses in the back alleys used to be horse stables.

Exploring London Mews
Exploring London

Food in London is so diverse and I can’t get enough of all the options. In Italy, I’m pretty limited to Italian, Italian and more Italian (not that I’d ever complain about the pizza in Naples or the gelato in Rome). It’s nice to have a change though and London has endless options for Indian, Thai, Mexican, local pub food and baked goods like these at the Portobello Market.

London Portobello Market Pastry

Exploring London- Photo Diary-6

How could you seriously not get 3?

Exploring London- Portobello Market

Alice’s at the Portobello Market.

Exploring London. British Museum

Museums are free in London so be sure to visit at least one. It helps mentally balance out the cost of everything else! You could spend a week just exploring London museums for everything from ancient treasures to contemporary art. I love the Tate Modern and the National Gallery. Medium Suitcase (AKA my husband) is partial to the British Museum.

Exploring London- National Gallery

Most of our quick weekend trip was spent alternating between museums, mews, restaurants and pubs… and brainstorming how we could possibly move here. That’s how much I love London!

Exploring London

Exploring London

Exploring London

Exploring London

London, I can’t wait until we meet again!

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