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  1. Great article! My husband and I are looking to take a week long trip to Positano in September of 2022 to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We’d be traveling by car from Rome and would like to rent an apartment via VRBO or AirBnB, but have no idea where the best town would be to stay as far as reasonable pricing, places with parking, within reasonable distances to town and access to beaches, ferry, etc.

  2. Hi there,
    I read your blog and found it very informative. Would you say beginning of March is a good time to go for a honeymoon? Thank you!!

    1. Hi Val,
      Honestly, I think March is still a bit too cold. A lot of hotels are not even open at that time. Easter is traditionally thought of as the opening of the season. Congratulations! Hope you have a wonderful honeymoon, whenever you go!

  3. Scarlett,

    I also forgot to say that your blog is great. I plan to continue following it. Our trip to the Amalfi coast was the end of February/first of March. I was able to wear my favorite sandals a couple of days with just a denim jacket.

    Thanks for all of your info.

  4. Scarlett,
    I was with a group that went Positano and then LaTagliata for lunch. The restaurant is such a hidden gem we would have never found without our day trip tour guide Luciana Coppola. I was our group leader for the trip and we stayed in Sorrento at the Antiche Mura Hotel. If I win the really big lottery, I’m moving!

    1. Kristi,
      I wish I had gone to La Tagliata for lunch so I could have enjoyed the view. I went at night for dinner and couldn’t see a thing.
      I always go way far into details when playing the “If I win lotto…” game. It always involves Italy!
      Glad you enjoyed your trip!

  5. Hey there I love your blog. I had a question is it better to stay in Positano or Sorrento to explore the Amalfi coast? We won’t be doing a lot of beach days as we live in South Florida and we are going to the Greek Isles before we go to the Amalfi Coast. We want to explore the towns.

    1. Hi Nandi, Both are great options. It is relatively easy to get to Capri, Praiano and Amalfi by bus or ferry from either town. You are probably closer to towns on the Amalfi Coast from Positano if you plan on taking the bus, but ferries run less frequently depending on what time of year. So, I would say it depends on your hotel and transportation preference. I would also look at the bus and ferry schedule ahead of time to see what would work best for your day trips. Also consider the walking time/incline from your hotel to ferry or bus stop. If you plan on hiring a private driver every day, this doesn’t matter as much. Either will be great. Enjoy your trip!

  6. Such a lovely post! My husband and I are going to Positano first week of October. What are your recommendations as far as a pool? Should we book a hotel that has one or are beaches the better way to go? Thanks for the inspiration!!

    1. Hi Jessica,
      That all depends on your preference! Positano has wonderful beaches, but there are also nice pools at luxury hotels. Some of the smaller beach clubs on Fornillo beach can close around that time, but there should be lounge chair options over on the main beach. Early October weather can be tricky. It can be beautiful and sunny, but storms are known to roll in around that time of year. Be sure to read my guide on Where to Stay in Positano for some suggestions! Enjoy your trip!

  7. Hi Scarlett, thanks for your great tips on Positano.
    I’ve been planning a trip to the Amalfi Coast for more than a year but had to postpone it due to Covid-19 lockdowns.
    As a photo fan I just loved your photos. Congrats.
    Stay safe and well.

  8. Hi! I am loving your blog!! So helpful and beautiful photos. I am going to be there the first week of November for just one night. What type of weather can I expect?

    1. Thank you, Katie! Positano has been hit with some bad rain storms the last few years. Hopefully, you’ll have sunny skies, but still expect it to be quite chilly. A lot of places will also be closed for the off season.

  9. Your blog has given me so much travel inspiration. Your photos always look so dreamy. Based on this post, it looks like it was hot/warm even in Oct when you visited. Which month (May vs June) is a better time to visit the Amalfi coast in terms of weather/budget? Also, we managed to drive around the Dolomites, are the type of driving similar in that area (narrow road/switchbacks/fast drivers …)?

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Thank you! The photos in the post are taken from a few different trips, but mainly from July and September. When I went in October it was very humid and warm, but it also rained. June is better for weather, but hotels are slightly less expensive. So, maybe try for late May 🙂
      In the Dolomites, the roads definitely have a lot of switchbacks (at least in the area I went to in Corvara). In my opinion, the drivers were less crazy and they generally follow the rules of the roads more than the area around Naples.

    2. What to expect in June? I want warm sunny days with warmer ocean temps but not too hot as I want to spend all day every day outside ❤️

  10. Positano looks absolutely beautiful! Cannot wait to go hear and will definitely be re-reading your guide before I go. Thanks!! XO Sandy

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