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  1. We are going to Naples in a couple of weeks and plan to rent a car to drive to Positano and Sorrento. You mentioned that parking our car might be costly. Do you have any suggestions on where we can park our car that might not charge a fee to park?

    1. Hi Bonnie,
      Free parking is not easy to come by in Positano! The only place I can remotely remember is street parking at the very very top of the cliff. It might be better to just take the ferry or budget for overnight parking with your hotel. Have a nice trip!

  2. Getting from Rome to Positano can be so intimidating, especially on the first visit! We used a car service from Naples last time, but next time I want to take the ferry from Sorrento to Positano and enjoy the views. Thank you for your helpful post and gorgeous photos – I always enjoy your work!

  3. Hello, my family and I are traveling in late June to Naples and need to get to Positano we will each have luggage and a carry on, what is the best option for us , I am hearing in June traffic is very bad, I would love to do Ferry but can we bring all that luggage with us though and then when you get off Ferry how to get to our hotel (hotel Conca d”oro)? So happy I can ask you !

    1. Yes, many other travelers will have luggage as well. There is an area on the ferry that will store your luggage. I would reach out to your hotel and see if they offer a luggage service from the dock. There are also porters available on the dock.

  4. Hi Scarlett. I am hoping to take my family to Positano in late May. We will be flying into Milan and potentially trying to get to Positano that same day? Would you recommend we fly to Naples or Salerno for the easiest route to Positano? Also, with 6 of us, do you think we are better off finding an Airbnb over a hotel, cost-wise? Thanks Scarlett. Most grateful for any insight. John

    1. Hi John, Both Naples and Salerno are a ferry ride away from Positano. I didn’t think Salerno had an airport. You are probably better off flying into Naples. An apartment rental would most likely be less expensive than three hotel rooms. It would just depend on the type of hotel and apartment. It might be nice to have a small kitchen and living space with an apartment traveling as a group. Enjoy your trip!

  5. Hi Scarlett! Loving your blog! I have a couple questions for you that I’m hoping you can help me with. My husband and I and another couple will be traveling Italy first two weeks of April. We already booked a train from Rome to Naples (arriving at 2:30 pm) and need to get to Positano. I’m guessing private car will be the best option for us to get there? We’ll be staying in Positano 4 nights in an Airbnb. Then heading back to Rome to stay just one night and fly back home (we also are in So Cal!). Do you recommend we do the same to get back to Rome (private driver to Naples- train from Naples to Rome) Or should we head back to Rome via Salerno instead of Naples? Looks like we could take a ferry to Salerno from Positano. Any advice would be much appreciated! TIA!

    1. Hi Stephanie! A private car from Naples to Positano is probably the fastest and might be around the same price as a ferry for four of you. You can always email around to get a few bids.
      Taking a ferry to Salerno is an excellent way to get from Positano to Rome! You get to see the views from the sea that way too. I believe the ferry makes a quick pit stop in Amalfi on the way. Have a nice trip!

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